I have been priviledged to be involved from 1992 in supervision and co-supervision of several Master and PhD students. Supervision is the most fulfilling part of my career where it is amazing to be part of the journey that a student is on during his/her studies. Below are some of the students that allowed me to be part of their journey as either a supervisor or co-supervisor.

PhD students

Trishan Marimuthu Development of an EAM maturity assessment framework to increase the success of the EAM practice in Financial Institutions (2022) Main Supervisor: Alta vd Merwe, Co-supervisor: Aurona Gerber

Anita Thomas An Owl-based Framework for visual Syntax Specifications (2020), Main Supervisor: Aurona Gerber, Co-supervisor: Alta van der Merwe>.

Emanuele Laurenzi A Model-Driven Approach to Create and Maintain an Executable Transferal Management Platform (2020), Main Supervisor: Knut Hinkelmann, Co-supervisor : Alta van der Merwe.

Komla Pillay Management guidelines to enhance better big data decision making within organizations (2020), Main Supervisor: Alta van der Merwe.

Susan Tredoux A theory-ingrained integrated change management framework for the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to mobilise user readiness (2020), Main Supervisor: Alta van der Merwe, Co-supervisor: Aurona Gerber.

Rajan Padajachee An IT strategic decision –making framework in the midst of disruptive technologies (2020), Main Supervisor: Alta van der Merwe, Co-supervisor: Machdel Matthee.

Pierre le Roux Enterprise Architecture as conceptual support framework for small to medium enterprise growth: A South African Study (2019), Main Supervisor: Alta van der Merwe, Co-supervisor: Aurona Gerber.

Alex Marufu ICT Based Innovation Using Service Dominant Logic in healthcare: A Design Thinking perspective (2018), Main Supervisor: Alta van der Merwe.

What Alex said in his acknowledgement:

  • Need to give thanks to Prof Alta, for being so far ahead, I have to keep running.

Chepkoech Kiptoo An ontology and crowd computing model for expert-citizen knowledge transfer in biodiversity management (2017), Main supervisor: Aurona Gerber.

Andreas Martin Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Workflow Technology for Agile Processes (2017), Main supervisor: Knut Hinkelmann.

Dina Jacobs Dina Jacobs EE Design Patterns for SMEs (2016), Main supervisor: Paula Kotze

Jaco du Preez Understanding the architect in enterprise architecture: the Daedalus Instrument for architects (2016), Main supervisor: Alta vd Merwe, Co-supervisor: Machdel Matthee

What Jaco said in his acknowledgement:

  • Thank you for your supervision, ideas, references, critical reading and your unique insights and perspectives.

Thinus Gerber The conceptual framework for financial reporting represented in a formal language (2015), Main supervisor: Alta vd Merwe.

Adri Swanepoel A grounded-based framework for establishing Information System ownership (2015), Main supervisor: Johan v Loggerenberg.

Jan Mentz Enterprise Architectonics as a Conceptual Device to Support a Fundamental understanding of Enterprise Architecture (2015), Main supervisor: Paula Kotze.

What Jan said in his acknowledgement:

  • Prof Alta van der Merwe – I remember our first meeting fondly, especially your explanation of Positivism. I am not sure I will ever be able to keep up with you. Your energy and capacity to process information is bewildering, to say the least, but an inspiration nonetheless. Your insistence that I explain myself in a way that you could understand made me a better communicator. Your direct challenge to my arguments really made me think. Thank you.

Sonja Gilliland Towards a framework for managing Enterprise Architecture Acceptance (2015), Main supervisor: Alta van der Merwe, Co-supervisor: Paula Kotze.

What Sonja said in her acknowledgement:

  • Thank you for your supervision, support and for sharing your knowledge with me. WYSIWYG - you are always the same, friendly, enthusiastic and energetic person.

Motse Tsogang A framework for creating patterns and pattern languages for enterprise architecture (2014), Main supervisor: Paula Kotze.

Indira Padayachee A Model representing the factors that influence virtual learning system usage in Higher Education (2014), Main supervisor Alta vd Merwe, Co-supervisor: Paula Kotze.

What Indira said in her acknowledgement:

  • My sincere thanks to my supervisors Prof Alta van Der Merwe and Prof Paula Kotzé for their advice, guidance and continued support.

Hanlie Smuts A Knowledge Framework for Information Systems Outsourcing(2013), Main supervisor: Alta vd Merwe, Co-supervisors: Paula Kotze, Marianne Loock.

What Hanlie said in her akcnowledgement:

  • To my study leader, Prof Alta van der Merwe, for the positive, constructive and dynamic way in which she guided me

Marne de Vries A Process Reuse Identification Framework using an Alignment Model (2013), Co-supervisor: S Yadavalli.

What Marne said in her akcnowledgement:

  • Thank you for your excellent guidance and supervision. Thank you for your collaborative spirit, involving me with initiatives within the growing disciplines of enterprise engineering, enterprise architecture and enterprise ontology. You have inspired me to pursue my passion for enterprise design.

Mariana Carroll A Risk and Control Framework for Cloud Computing and Virtualization (2012), Main supervisor: Paula Kotze.

What Mariana said in her akcnowledgement:

  • Prof Paula Kotzé and Prof Alta van der Merwe: Thank you for your guidance and support throughout this study. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise with me and applying it to this thesis. I am so grateful to have had you as my study leaders.

Darelle van Greunen A Framework for the User Interface Design of Business Process Management Tools (2010), Main supervisor: Paula Kotze.

What Darelle said in her akcnowledgement:

  • Thank you for listening to my scattered ideas and bringing order to my chaotic mind. Thank you also for the encouragement, enthusiasm, positive energy and late night chats. You are one of a kind.

Mac van der Merwe A Strategic Model for Planning and Implementing an Online Approach for Continuous Professional Development (2008), Main supervisor: Alta vd Merwe, Co-supervisor: Lucas Venter

What Mac said in his akcnowledgement:

  • My sincere appreciation to .. my promoter Prof Alta van der Merwe, not only for her consummate guidance, but also for her open-door policy, calming influence, encouragement and direction when I felt like screaming.

Aurona Gerber Towards a comprehensive functional layered architecture for the Semantic Web (2007), Main supervisor: Andries Barnard.

What Aurona said in her akcnowledgement:

  • Prof. Alta van der Merwe: thank you for your support, motivation and friendship before, during and hopefully after, the writing of this thesis. Alta, jy was baie meer as ’n promotor, en ek waardeer dit opreg. ’Oh, the places you’ll go!’

Master students

Acting as supervisor or co-supervisor

Sandile Nzimande (2021) Change management as a condition for digital transformation: a practical case of a leading South African telecommunications institution

Lorna van Wyk (2020) The role of Enterprise Architecture in Digital Transformation – Determining guidelines for Enterprise Architecture in the organisation

Jacques Jansen (2020) Implementation Guidelines for the Industrial Internet of Things

Trevor Mcnube (2020) Business-IT Alignment: A Present-day Assessment of Strategic Alignment in a Financial Services Organisation

Andy Madiope (2019) Transforming a bricks-and-mortar IT Strategy to a digital strategy: A South African Case.

Michael Gordon (2018) Private Higher Education in South Africa: Factors Influencing Acceptance of Information Systems.

Kudzai Mapingire, (2016), Ascertaining the evolving role of the Enterprise Architect (2016).

Trishan MarimuthuI (2016) Guidelines for the development and implementation of an EA strategy in the hotel hospitality industry.

Dieter Wetschnig (2016) Using Enterprise Architecture to Assist with the Adoption of Big Data within the Financial Services Industry.

Wynard Beukes (2015) Why Website designers disregard design guidelines that support usability

Trishan Marimuthu (2015) Guidelines for the development and implementation of an EA strategy in the hotel hospitality industry.

Lombard, Nelia MTech (2014): The Construction and Use of an Ontology to Support a Simulation Environment Performing Countermeasure Evaluation for Military Aircraft.

Van der Linde, Judith MSc (2013): An Investigation into the impact of EA Decisions on the responsibilities of Software Developers.

Christopher Kistasamy MTech (2011): An investigation into the Role that Service Oriented Architecture plays as an enabler for Enterprise Architecture.

Gibson Chimamiwa MSc (2011): Using ontologies to structure information in a web.

Rubina Adam (2011) Exploring the acceptance of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems by Small Manufacturing Enterprises

Gibson Chimamiwa (2011), Using ontologies to structure information in a web portal (Co-supervisor with Prof Aurona Gerber)

Molefe Onkgopotse (2010) Practice for productivity for open source projects (co-supervision with Dr A Gerber)

Gibson Chimamiwa (2011), Using ontologies to structure information in a web portal (Co-supervisor with Prof Aurona Gerber)

Petra Le Roux(2009) Towards a comprehensive distributed computing educational model

Upasna Bechan (2009) An organizational anti-phishing model

Hanlie Smuts (2009) Converting Implicit Knowledge to Explicit Knowledge through a Knowledge Engineering Framework

Izak Mbaya (2008) The characteristics and limitations of a semantic web security model (co-supervisor with Dr Aurona Gerber)

Mark Chapman: (2007) Systematic Software Reuse In a Project-Centric Environment: An Ethnographic Case Study

Marianna Carroll (2007) Information Systems Auditing

Maneshijn, D. (2005), The e-learning Dome: A Comprehensive E-learning Environment Development Model

Mennega, N. (2004), Describing a Long-term, Web-enabled Career Guidance Service

Kortekaas, B. (2001), Internet-based Electronic Payment Systems

Sathiparsad, N (2003), Synchronize and Stabilize: A Framework for Best Practices (Co-supervisor with Mr Tobie van Dyk)

Vermaak, P. (1994), ‘n Ondersoek in die gebruik van Smith-normalisering in databasisontwerp (Co-supervisor with Prof Dawid Jordaan)

Otto, T. (1992) Faktore wat 'n rol speel by die omskakeling van 'n netwerkdatabasis na 'n relasionele databasis.